5 HVAC System Sounds You Don’t Want to Hear

Heating and air conditioning units large and small, whatever their make or model, become old and worn and start to act up eventually. Most problems, though, do not arise without prior warning: sounds, odors, short-cycling, uneven cooling or lukewarm air and so on. The following will focus on the kinds of sounds that no HVAC system should be emitting and what they point to.

1. Rattling

Rattling and clanking are signs that some component, probably wiring or a few nuts and bolts, is becoming loose. If a loose part breaks off entirely, then it may create a banging noise. If the rattling comes from an exterior unit, it may be that leaves or twigs have fallen into the vents.

2. Grinding or Rumbling

When the compressor, which is basically the motor, wears down, the pistons may start to grind against each other. In such cases, the entire compressor will need to be replaced, which is a costly job. As for rumbling, this can be a furnace-specific problem: namely, a carbon monoxide leak.

3. Squealing

Blowers and fans may squeal or squeak intermittently. In furnaces, a squealing sound may indicate a bad blower fan belt. If you are hearing this noise, you’ll want a technician from Savannah Air Factory to come over. We can travel anywhere in Savannah, GA. If the belt is not fixed in time, the fan may malfunction, leaving you without heat.

4. Buzzing

Loose parts in outdoor units can cause a buzzing sound, particularly loose fan blades and fan motors. Most of the time, though, it denotes an electrical issue, such as with the connections or circuit breakers. In boilers, furnaces and other heating units, buzzing may be caused by bad motor bearings or a loose transformer box.

5. Hissing or Rumbling

Hissing indicates a leak in AC systems, usually a refrigerant leak, or it could be due to leaks in your ductwork.

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