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“These guys are awesome!! They service both my home and business and do a great job. The thing I like about this company is that they do not pay their technicians any commissions on what they sell. To be honest, I had no idea that HVAC companies did that, but they do! That is why I trust these guys. Plus, the AC units at my business are over 20 years old and when I asked them if I should replace them, they advised me to keep them until I had a problem. They could have had an easy sale by telling me I needed new ones, but they didn’t. That earned my trust even more!”

– James G. (Google Review)

“Thank you Savannah Air Factory for being so awesome! I got home at 5:15 from work and the house was 89 degrees. After checking a few things out I realized that the outside unit was not working properly. I called Savannah Air Factory and they send Hamado out to the house. By 8:00 cold Air was filling a very humid house. I will never use another company for my HVAC system.”

– Lorrian H. (Google Review)

“If you are looking for an HVAC company that is honest and is extremely reasonable, has technicians that are professional, polite and on time (and when they’re running behind, they call you!!), I encourage you to call Savannah Air Factory. I’ve used them three times now and extremely satisfied with their service.”

– B Rife (Google Review)

“The best AC service in Savannah. Call them and you won’t need to call anyone else.”

– Joe D. (Google Review)

“Beyond professional and courteous, they had my ac working and my home nice and cool within an hour. Nicely done guys, I can’t thank you enough! Highly recommend Savannah Air Factory for any of your HVAC needs.”

– Erica P. (Google Review)

“Their service is fast. I called them when my company was installing a roof, a roofing nail hit a copper AC line. They came out within 2 hours. I would definitely recommend.”

– Mitch H. (Google Review)

“They came to my apartment after operating hours since I couldn’t get out of work earlier. Everyone from the woman on the phone to both technicians who came to my house were great. One of the technicians also helped me figure out why my apartment building’s door wasn’t locking. Really great people, and fixed the problem with my heating right away!”

– Bec C. (Google Review)

“Great company, they are honest and reliable and easy to communicate with. They stand up behind their work and that’s what matters most. No hesitations in returning post install to adjust things. Jeri always responds and they always work hard to make things right.”

– Sabrina N. (Google Review)

“In a word – Awesome. Amazing service from professional, polite technicians on the install of a new Heat/Air unit that they sold me at a great price. Frankly, at the price I paid for the unit/install I was not expecting such top notch service. Definitely went the extra mile, fixing my DRYER vents (not even related to A/C) for the low low price of ZERO! Highly recommended.”

– Chris W. (Google Review)

“They are such an awesome company to work with! Great service! The air technicians are very knowledgeable and very nice.”

– April W. (Facebook Review)

“We called around and couldn’t get anyone to come out quickly…. called Savannah Air Factory and not only did he get here within the hour, but also had us back up and running! I know who I am calling from now on!”

– Amanda N. (Facebook Review)

“Thankful to Savannah Air Factory for assisting us in getting our Nest thermostat installed and running. Glover was prompt, professional and hardworking. He made sure everything was up and running correctly, and did a maintenance check on our unit. Thanks again!”

– Hope G. (Facebook Review)

“They are the best, most honest company I have ever dealt with.”

– Sara P. (Facebook Review)