On chillier days, you’ll be glad to have a reliable heating company in Eden, GA. When the weather is warmer, you will appreciate having a top-notch air conditioning company like Savannah Air Factory on your side.

    We can handle your repair, installation, and maintenance needs. That way, you can count on having a comfortable home or office building throughout the year. Whether it’s blazing hot or unseasonably chilly in Georgia, your indoor air will stay at the perfect temperature.

    Locally owned and operated, Savannah Air Factory believes in investing in our community. Our community supports us too. Local residents have selected us to win a Coastal Empire Best of the Best Award. When you’re looking for dependable heating and cooling care, turn to our top-rated team.

    Eden Heating and AC Repair

    Repairs are one of the most pressing heating and cooling issues for property owners. When something goes wrong, you’ll want to have the problem looked at right away. It can feel especially urgent if your air conditioner or furnace won’t turn on at all. Not all repairs are so critical, of course. Even still, you should address any concerns right away before they become more serious.

    The following signs indicate that it’s time for service:
    • Uneven air output
    • Higher gas or electric bills than normal
    • Loud sounds when the system is running
    • Unpleasant smells from your air vents
    • Constant fan cycling
    • Drips or puddles near your unit

    Savannah Air Factory in Eden works on all furnace and AC makes and models.

    Furnace and Air Conditioner Installations

    Depending on the seriousness of your repair situation, an air conditioner or heat pump replacement might be your best option. You may be due for a new AC or furnace after 10 to 30 years. Exactly how long your system lasts will depend on various factors, such as your commitment to annual maintenance.

    Even when your furnace or air conditioner is still running well, you could choose to install a new one. The latest models offer improved energy efficiency. You could put in a new unit to protect the planet and lower your power bills.

    Our company proudly installs Lennox products. We offer installation financing on approved credit.

    Eden Heating Company for Maintenance

    Whether your system is older or brand-new, prioritize annual maintenance. During a seasonal tune-up, your heating or air conditioning company will give your Eden appliances a careful check. Schedule an air conditioner appointment in the spring and a furnace visit in the fall.

    Maintenance appointments might involve cleaning the unit, tightening the electrical connections, looking for repair issues, and swapping out the filter. Regular maintenance promotes efficiency and longevity.

    To make Savannah Air Factory your cooling and heating company in Eden, give our office a call today!