What Is That Burning Smell Coming From My Heater?

At some point, you’re likely to experience what could be described as a burning smell coming from your heater. Sometimes, these are a normal occurrence, but in other cases, they are a definite cause for immediate concern. To help you make sense of the various occasions in which you may get a burning smell, here’s the scoop on those smells and what may be behind them.

Burning Smell at Startup

If the burnt smell you are experiencing only occurs at startup and is brief, this is likely due to residual dust particles that have settled on your heater’s heating components while it was not running. Once the heater comes on, it briefly burns off this particulate matter, and this is a normal occurrence. If the burning smell increases or continues beyond the first moments of operation, turn the system off and call us right away.

Electrical Burning Smell

An electrical burning smell is distinct and smells different from the typical burning dust smell as covered above. In no circumstances is this normal or safe. This can be caused by an overheating fan motor, a wiring issue, or other hazardous conditions. If you experience this kind of smell, power your system down immediately and put in a call for service.

Burnt Plastic Smell

If your heating system is emitting a smell of burnt plastic, this is also not normal and calls for immediate shutdown and a service call. There are numerous possibilities behind this kind of smell, but usually, it’s a sure sign that a foreign object has made it into the system and is being burnt by the heater’s heating components. Burning wire insulation, circuit boards, and other internal components can also cause this odor.

There are numerous types of burning smells that can come from a heater, and if you’re experiencing such a smell, it’s imperative that you reach out for immediate service and discontinue the system’s use until the experts can pinpoint and resolve the issue. Here at Savannah Air Factory, we intimately understand these various symptoms and can identify and fix your problem quickly and sure-handedly.

Whether it’s a burnt smell, a malfunctioning air conditioner, or you need a professional consultation and new install work done, we’ve got you covered. We also offer indoor air quality solutions and maintenance agreements for heating and cooling systems. Give us a call today and experience the very best HVAC service the Savannah area has to offer.