Do Ceiling Fans Help Air Conditioning?

Some people wonder if running their ceiling fan while their air conditioner is operating does any good. The short answer is you can and should use your ceiling fan and AC system together. Here’s how doing so can save you money.

How a Ceiling Fan Cools Your Home

A ceiling fan doesn’t actually cool your house; rather, it only makes it feel cooler. It circulates the air, which creates a wind chill. This disperses your body heat, making you feel cooler. You should run your ceiling fan counterclockwise to cool the room it’s in. This will blow air straight down, onto where people are in the room. A ceiling fan running this way can make a room feel about 5 degrees cooler.

Lower Fan Speeds Are More Efficient

A ceiling fan uses less energy on its medium setting than high, and even more when it’s set to low. You should get the biggest fan you can for a room, and then operate it at the lowest speed that allows you to be comfortable for this reason.

Team Up Your Ceiling Fan and Air Conditioner

Ceiling fans are very inexpensive to use, as they cost only about 1 cent per hour in energy. Air conditioning, on the other hand, is a large part of your monthly electricity bills. You can team these up to save significant amounts of money.

You can set your air conditioner 5 degrees warmer when the ceiling fan is on, and you’ll still be just as cool if you were using only your AC system. To further conserve energy and thereby reduce your energy bills, only run the ceiling fan when someone is in the room.

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