Electric vs Gas Furnaces

Furnaces are used to heat up your home, and they have to run on some type of power system. There many types of furnaces available, and most of them are either powered by electricity or gas.

Electric Furnace Basics

Electric furnaces are often cheaper than their gas counterparts in terms of up-front costs. Electric furnaces are generally quiet when they’re running, and they’re dependable.

It’s hard to say how long an electric furnace could last, but most could be expected to last anywhere between 20 and 30 years. This is a considerable amount of time that could be double the life span of a gas furnace. Further, when things go wrong with electric furnaces, it’s often a quick fix, especially when you contact professionals like us to service your furnace for you. There’s also no danger in terms of emissions when going the electric route.

Gas Furnace Basics

Though electric furnaces come with many benefits, perhaps the biggest advantage of a gas furnace is that it’s much more efficient. Over time, you’ll use less energy running your gas furnace. Note that gas can also be a cheaper resource than electricity, so the monthly savings will definitely be noticeable.

If you already have natural gas hooked up to your home or can easily get it hooked up, our industry professionals at Savannah Air Factory in Savannah, GA, would recommend putting in a gas furnace for these reasons. You should use a carbon monoxide detector with your gas furnace, even though the chances of something going wrong with the emissions are very low.

A Company You Can Trust

In the end, you have to consider what your preferences are and whether you’re constrained by any factors. Savannah Air Factory in Savannah, GA, is skilled in installing heating units, and we can go over your options with you.

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