Is Bigger Better When It Comes To HVAC Systems?

While bigger is better for some things, this isn’t the case when selecting an HVAC system. Having an HVAC system that is too big will result in expensive problems.

Manual J Calculation and Efficiency

When you call an HVAC company to discuss installing a new system, the technicians should perform a Manual J calculation. This is a procedure that determines the cooling or heating load of a building in order to recommend the appropriate capacity of the HVAC equipment required.

A properly sized HVAC system operates at peak efficiency. The Manual J calculation takes into account specific factors about your space, such as square footage, insulation levels, duct leakage, building orientation, and even the color of the roof.

Frequent Cycling

If your HVAC system is too large, it will cycle on and off constantly. This creates a lot of wear and tear on the equipment, and it’s not energy-efficient. Parts will fail, and you’ll have expensive repair bills to deal with.

Higher Energy Costs

An HVAC system too large for your home will waste energy. Your system uses the most energy whenever it’s starting up, which will occur far too frequently if it’s too large for the space. You can expect to have higher utility bills unless the system is correctly sized.

Reduced Indoor Air Quality and Humidity

When your HVAC system is too large, it won’t operate long enough to reduce your home’s humidity level. Your residence will be too humid, which can result in the spread of bacteria and mold. Humidity can also damage your furniture and electronics.

Overwhelmed Duct System

Your existing duct system may not be capable of handling the force of an oversized HVAC system. This can result in ducts developing holes or sections breaking apart. If that happens, you’ll lose conditioned air to the outdoors.

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