What To Do If My Furnace Keeps Turning Off

We all depend on our heating systems to keep us warm throughout the winter. So, it can be frustrating when our furnace keeps turning off. Sometimes, we can almost go into panic mode trying to figure out what’s wrong.

No need to panic. Some issues can be easily fixed. Others will take professional help. Here are a couple of things you can do if your furnace keeps turning off.

Check Your Filters

You should change out your filters every two or three months. A dirty filter will not allow enough air into your furnace for it to function properly. The heat exchanger inside the furnace will start to overheat. A heat sensor will notice this and turn off your furnace. After the heat exchanger cools down, your furnace will restart, only to shut down again from overheating.

Have a Trained Technician Run a Diagnostic Check of Your Furnace

Some issues causing your furnace to turn off should be handled by a trained professional. The reasons for getting a trained professional is for your safety as well as to maintain the integrity of your furnace.

The licensed and reliable technicians of Savannah Air Factory in Savannah, GA, will thoroughly check your furnace to quickly solve your problem. A few issues they will look for include:

  • A malfunctioning flame sensor
  • A dirty or damaged blower wheel
  • A furnace that is too big

A malfunctioning flame sensor cannot see a flame even though one is present. If the sensor does not detect a flame, it will turn off your furnace to shut down the flow of fuel.

A dirty or damaged blower wheel cannot provide enough air for your furnace to operate properly. Low airflow causes overheating of the furnace’s heat exchanger. A heat sensor will turn off the furnace to protect it.

An over-sized furnace will heat up your home too quickly, causing it to cycle off and on often.

The skilled and dependable technicians working for us at Savannah Air Factory are ready to help you with your heating needs. We can maintain and repair all makes and models of heating systems. Call us today to receive expert service for any heating or cooling issues you have.