Can You Install AC in My Ductless Georgia Home?

Ductless Mini-Split in Savannah, GA

If you own an older home in Georgia, it’s possible a central air conditioning system would be difficult to install. This is because there’s nowhere to install ducts, and you’d need to have extensive renovation done to make room for them. However, if you purchase a mini-split system, you can still have cost-effective, energy-efficient air conditioning throughout your home.

What Is a Mini-Split System?

A mini-split system, or ductless air conditioner, doesn’t use ducts to cool and heat your home. It has an outdoor condenser unit and indoor air handlers. When cooling your home, it removes the hot air, cools it, and returns it to the room. It does the opposite when you want to heat your home.

How Many Interior Air-Handlers Can You Have?

The number of indoor air handlers you can have depends on the model of the outdoor condenser unit you have installed. Some can handle up to eight air-handlers. Each of these is installed in a room you want to heat and cool, such as a bedroom. Of course, the more handlers you have, the more expensive it will be.

Zoning Your Home

Mini-splits allow you to zone your home. When your home is zoned, you choose the temperature for each zone. For example, you can keep your bedroom cooler than your living room. Each indoor air handler has its own remote that lets you control things like the temperature, fan speed, direction of air blows, and more.

Where Are the Air-Handlers Installed?

Air handlers are often centrally located on a wall near the ceiling. They’re positioned high on a wall because warm air rises. However, the handler can also be mounted to the floor near a wall.

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