The Dangers of DIY AC Installation

Homeowner after Attempting DIY AC Installation in Savannah, GA

There are many online video-sharing platforms these days. With so many DIY videos, most people are attempting DIY projects that they’re not qualified to complete. Some people do them as a hobby, while others do them to save some money. Not all DIY projects are worth attempting, such as AC installation. This process is better left to the professionals for the following reasons.

1. You Might Void Your Warranty

Air conditioners can be an expensive investment. A warranty from the manufacturer of your unit can cover the cost of certain future AC repairs or replacement parts. However, this warranty coverage is often provided under certain conditions. One such condition is that a licensed technician must install the system. Installing an AC yourself will void the warranty, and you must pay for the parts.

2. It Is Dangerous

An air conditioner requires working with high voltage electricity. You risk electrocution if you do not have special tools and the necessary knowledge to handle these electrical components. Also, wrong wiring can result in a fire hazard, destroying your system or property. Air conditioning units also use refrigerant, which is a crucial chemical component used during the cooling process. It can subject you or your family to serious health issues if it isn’t handled properly.

3. The System Might Fail to Work Efficiently

An AC unit is necessary for a cool and comfortable environment inside your home during the hot summer season. Attempting DIY installation might compromise the efficiency of the system. This might be the result of some errors made during the installation. You might also lack the necessary equipment to test whether your system is working properly after installation. Hiring a licensed technician to handle the installation may appear expensive at first, but it can save you a lot of trouble over time.

Contact the Experts

Having a properly installed AC unit can save you money over the course of many months and years. At Savannah Air Factory, we provide AC installation services and complete all necessary tests to ensure it is running efficiently. We also provide HVAC repair and maintenance services. You can rely on us for indoor air quality services and emergency repairs. If you live in the area of Savannah or the surrounding areas, give us a call at Savannah Air Factory to schedule an appointment.