Don’t Fall for These Common Cooling Myths

Cooling Myths in Savannah, GA

Keeping your air conditioner working at an optimal level is essential during the summer season. However, many people still follow common myths about keeping their home feeling cool in the middle of summer. Understanding the truth behind these common myths is important in helping you save money and avoiding mistakes.

Here are a few common summer myths about keeping your house cool during the summer months.

Closing Air Vents Saves Money

Many people choose to close their air vents in unused rooms to help save energy. However, closing these vents won’t help you save money due to your air conditioner continuing to distribute air at the same level throughout your house. The best option is to always keep your air vents open in all the rooms in your home.

Turning off Your Air Conditioner Improves Energy Efficiency

Another common myth is turning off your AC while you are gone from your home for an extended period. Unfortunately, turning off your air conditioner will only require it to work even harder to keep your home cool once you turn it back on. Slightly raising the temperature on your thermostat is always a better choice, just a few degrees.

A Bigger AC Unit Works Best

Purchasing a bigger AC unit for your home isn’t always a wise decision, especially if you have a smaller house. Reaching out to an HVAC company is a great option to help you determine the right size air conditioner for your home. Finding the best size will help you lower your utility bill and prevent your air conditioner from constantly turning on and off.

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