How Do I Choose the Best Filter for My Furnace?

Furnace Maintenace in Savannah, GA

Unpredictable winter temperatures in Savannah, GA will find you turning to your furnace for warmth. Your furnace’s air filter sits in the air handler and traps particles from the air before it enters the ductwork for distribution to each room. When it’s time to replace the air filter, you’ll want to pick the best one for your well-being and furnace’s requirements.

Pick a High MERV Rating

The ability of a furnace filter to trap particles is evaluated with the minimum efficiency reported value (MERV) system. MERV ratings range from one to 25. Higher MERV ratings mean the filter’s fibers trap more particles. Most furnaces can use a filter with a rating of 10 to 14.

Select a Material

Furnace filters may be made of polyester, fiberglass, cotton, cellulose, or wool and typically have a cardboard frame. Cotton, cellulose, and wool may be compostable. In some areas, the cardboard can be recycled. Reusable filters typically have a plastic frame.

Choose a Style

There are flat and pleated filters. Flat filters cost less but usually have lower MERV ratings. Pleated filters trap more particles and cost a few dollars more than flat filters.

Consider Your Time

If you have enough spare time to clean a filter, consider a reusable one. They last for two to three years. You’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for cleaning the filter. If your time is limited, choose a disposable filter.

Know the Right Size

You can’t just put any filter into your furnace. It must be the right size. Filters have length, width, and thickness measurements, so be sure to refer to your owner’s manual to select the right dimensions.

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