How Maintenance Plans Keep Your System Running Longer

HVAC Maintenance

It’s important to have your HVAC system professionally serviced twice a year. You should have your air conditioner serviced in the spring and your furnace in the fall. One of the biggest benefits of maintenance is that your system lasts longer.

How Does Maintenance Contribute to System Longevity?

Your HVAC system will have parts that naturally wear down or even stop working as it gets older. If you keep it well-maintained, everything runs smoother, and the system lasts longer. There are a few things you can do yourself to maintain your system, but other maintenance requires the attention of a professional HVAC technician.

Professional Maintenance

HVAC technicians have the knowledge and the tools to perform service on parts that you can’t perform yourself. Technicians know how to calibrate the thermostat correctly to ensure it works properly. They also measure voltage and tighten electrical connections in hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, they will lubricate moving parts within motors and other components.

Air conditioners and high-efficiency furnaces have condensate drains. A technician checks these drains to make sure they are draining properly. System controls are checked to see if the start cycle, operation, and shut-off sequence are working correctly. Finally, the technician will clean and adjust the blower, so it lasts a long time. If they spot a small issue, they can correct it before it causes widespread damage to your HVAC system.

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What Maintenance Can You Do Yourself?

You should check the filter once a month and replace it when it’s dirty, which is usually about every other month. You should trim any foliage that’s within 18-inches of your outdoor AC unit and remove debris. Also, hose down the unit when you notice it’s getting dirty.

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