How Static Pressure Affects the Performance of Your HVAC System

Static Pressure in Savannah, GA

When you have the HVAC system in your Savannah, Georgia, home professionally serviced, your technician will measure the level of static pressure in your air ducts. The ideal measurement for static pressure is approximately 0.5 inches. If static pressure is lower or higher than this, your heating and cooling equipment will be both noisy and low-performing. Following are several things that can affect static pressure in HVAC systems along with their repercussions.

You’ve Got Leaky Air Ducts

Static pressure is the resistant force that allows air to flow freely through HVAC air ducts. If it is too low, warm or cooled air cannot be evenly distributed throughout the building. If it is too high, air will move through your HVAC system too forcefully. This can cause accelerated wear, lower the overall lifespan of your HVAC equipment, and lead to recurring repair issues. Although static pressure isn’t something that homeowners think much about, it has a significant impact on the functioning and overall efficiency of their HVAC systems.

With this in mind, one of the most common causes of static pressure problems is leaky air ducts. When air ducts leak, conditioned air is deposited behind drywall or in other areas of the building where it won’t have much impact on indoor temperatures. You may have leaky ducts if you have hot or cold spots in your home, your heating and cooling equipment are always running, or your energy bills are inexplicably on the rise.

Your HVAC Equipment Is Too Large or Too Small

Installing heating or cooling equipment that isn’t properly sized for your home is another common cause of static pressure issues. Heaters and air conditioners that are too large quickly cycle off and on. When they’re too small, they have to run constantly to get their job done. Insufficient or excess air pressure from improperly sized heating and cooling equipment invariably affects static pressure. When air pressure is off, static pressure won’t be at ideal levels either.

The best way to avoid problems with static pressure that are the result oversized or under-sized heating and cooling equipment is to have a licensed HVAC company choose the best models for your needs. HVAC installers perform careful calculations to choose options with the right specifications.

Dirty HVAC Air Filters

Static pressure can additionally be affected by dirty HVAC air filters. Failing to change these components on a regular basis will inhibit airflow and cause static pressure to build. You can also experience similar problems if you make the mistake of installing an HVAC air filter that isn’t rated for your HVAC system or simply isn’t compatible with your equipment.

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