How To Clean Air Conditioning Unit

AC Cleaning in Savannah, GA

Everyone wants the cleanest and most comfortable air in their home. It is necessary to periodically clean your air conditioning unit to keep it running efficiently and maintain quality air throughout your indoor spaces. Here are ways to clean your air conditioner to keep it running reliably.

Cleaning Your Internal Air Conditioning System

To begin to clean the internal mechanisms of your air conditioning unit, you first need to shut off power to it via your circuit breaker. It is unsafe to work with a live, working unit, so making sure it is fully shut down is essential. After this, you should open up the door that encloses the evaporator coils. There normally is no natural opening, so you may need to remove screws or duct tape to get inside.

After you have access to the internal evaporator coils, use a soft brush to remove the dust and other dirt from the surfaces. Additionally, you may need a special coil cleaning spray that traps dust and removes it from your coils. This spray is available at your local hardware store.

Cleaning Your External Air Conditioning System

The exterior of your air conditioning unit includes the grille and fan. Whenever you’re working with your air conditioner, be sure to shut the power off to the unit for safety. Then, you can remove the cage enclosing the fan.

After this, you can remove debris from the fan and other exterior parts of the system. Dust and pollen on an air conditioner’s fan can trigger allergies for occupants inside the home, so cleaning it is essential for your family’s comfort. Moreover, you can straighten out the fan blades to maximize airflow into your home.

Cleaning Your Filter

Air conditioning filters are another obstacle that can trap large amounts of allergens such as dust and pollen in your ducts. You can clean it in many different ways, including vacuuming, spraying, and soaking.

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