How To Keep Pollen Out of Your House


Hay fever, or an allergic reaction to pollen, occurs when exposed to the powder from flowering trees and plants. The problem is prevalent in spring because that’s when most flowers blossom. Thankfully, you can take some steps to reduce the effects of excessive pollen levels.

1. Monitor the Pollen Forecast

Check the allergy tracker page to understand the types of pollen in the air and their levels. That way, you’re aware of when to take precautions in preventing pollen from entering your house. For instance, you can be more vigilant by showering and removing outside shoes immediately after outdoor activities.

2. Purchase a HEPA Filter

Not all indoor air filters are effective. If you want to get rid of pollen and other springtime allergens, consider buying a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. They operate by forcing air through a fine mesh to trap over 90% of microscopic particles. Installing an air purifier in your home in Savannah, GA, can help to combat pollen-related issues.

3. Keep Your Car in the Garage

If you don’t have a garage, rinse your car whenever you can. Remember that touching the vehicle, opening the car windows, or shutting the doors can help spread pollen. Consider keeping sanitary wipes inside your car to clean your hands after touching a pollen-covered door or window.

4. Wash Your Hair Every Day

Pollen is sneaky and will attach to almost any available surface, and your hair isn’t an exception. Since pollen spores attach to clothing and hair in seconds, consider washing your hair every day before hopping into bed. Doing so will help minimize indoor pollen exposure.

5. Close Doors and Windows

Although this is the time of year when you’re excited to let fresh air inside, opening your doors and windows might not be a good idea. Pollen penetrates through any openings, making windows and doors primary culprits. Remember to seal crevices, too.

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