How to Reduce the Noise Levels of Your AC

AC Noise in Savannah, GA

There are different reasons why air conditioners emit so much noise. It could be in need of a repair or it simply may have a poor design. Here are a few tips to decrease the noise levels when you run an air conditioner.

Insulate the Walls

A central air conditioning system is located throughout the house. Reduce the noise by installing insulation into the walls that separate you from your air conditioner. There are different forms of sound-deafening materials to use from soundproof foam to acoustical drywall. In the end, an insulated home increases the efficiency of your HVAC unit by keeping the cold air inside of the home.

Install a Compressor Blanket

Install a sound blanket around the compressor without interfering with the airflow. The insulation helps the AC to maintain a more stable temperature as it pumps the refrigerant through the system. Many AC manufacturers use these blankets to reduce the unit’s noise levels without having to replace the machine.

Use Plants

Plant bushes, shrubs, or garden fences around your air conditioner to block out the sounds. Plants can withstand air conditioning that frequently switches on and off.

Choose a Distant Location

It’s too often that you hear people say their air conditioner is located too close to a certain room in their home. Before you install an AC, make sure to select a location that will not bother you when it runs. Many AC units are located outdoors near the patio or on the side of the house.

Even if an HVAC unit is strong and durable, it may have other faults that you may have noticed. Hearing an AC unit as it runs is normal, but it does not have to interrupt the normal operations of your day. Savannah Air Factory provides AC repair, installation, and maintenance services for home and business owners in Savannah, GA. We also offer indoor air quality and heating services. Contact our experts for a consultation today.