The Best Ways to Heat a Garage

Garage Heater

Most homeowners use their garages for other purposes besides parking vehicles or storing boxes. You can use the extra space in your home as a kid’s play area, workshop, entertainment room, or a home gym. That’s why you need to make the space warm during winter. If your area has mild winter days and nights, you might not need any extra heating options. However, you might find your garage freezing if you reside in areas that experience harsh and freezing winters. Here are ways you can use to heat your garage.

1. Replace the Weather Stripping, Check Insulation

You can start by winterizing your garage for proper heating during the winter. Insulate your space by sealing up air leaks that allow warm air outside and cold air into the room. Start by inspecting the weather-stripping on the doors and windows and replacing broken or cracked areas. Weather-stripping wears out over time, causing air leaks and creating cold drafts in the garage. It’s wise to scrap off the remaining weather-stripping and apply a new sealant for effective garage heating. Often the walls in the garage aren’t finished. Insulating and putting up dry-wall will definitely add to the success of warming your garage area.

2. In-Floor Heating

An in-floor heater is often used as a bathroom heater, but more homeowners embrace its use in the garage. It’s an ideal heating option for people doing mechanic jobs or working on their vehicles in the garage. An in-floor heating option offers excellent comfort by keeping the floor warm enough to sit down or work lying most of the time. It’s advisable to use in-floor heating alongside other heaters to ensure that heat covers the whole room.

3. A Propane Heater, Perhaps?

Propane heaters are mobile and they provide a ton of warmth to garages during winter. They are an affordable way of heating garages. You can choose various sizes of a propane heater for your garage. Measure your garage, calculate the cubic feet, estimate the temperature rise, and determine the required BTU to determine the propane heater’s right size. Performing a Google search can bring up a calculator for you.

3. Experience and Proficiency at Your Service

You are all ready and set to spend time in your garage all winter long. We have a team of qualified and experienced experts to assist with installing garage heaters and weather-stripping. We can also help with ductwork, gas furnace work, extensive custom home service options, and heating and cooling. Talk to Savannah Air Factory today for an array of garage heating solutions in Savannah. We look forward to serving your home comfort needs.