What Are the Maintenance Requirements for a Furnace?

Furnace Maintenace in Savannah, GA

Annual maintenance is essential for all furnaces. Neglecting this important task can lead to your heating costs rising and also shortening the life of your furnace. Knowing the most important furnace maintenance tasks can provide you with a better understanding of why having your furnace serviced is so important.

Replacing the Air Filter

Replacing the air filter in your furnace should be done every 30 to 90 days. This is because dust and debris will slowly clog the filter and restrict how much air the blower can draw through it. Restricted airflow will make the furnace less effective and can cause overheating.

Cleaning the Furnace Blower

Cleaning the blower is important for preventing overheating and ensuring proper air flow through your HVAC system. If the blower is coated in a lot of dust, it won’t be able to move air through the system efficiently, leading to many of the same issues as a dirty filter.

Cleaning the Furnace Burners

To ensure the gas flowing to the furnace fully combusts and that all of the burners light immediately, the furnace burners should be routinely inspected and cleaned. Dirty burners may not light immediately, which allows gas to start filling the combustion chamber. This can produce a dangerous fireball once the gas finally ignites. Incomplete gas combustion is also an issue since it leads to the burners producing less heat.

Cleaning and Testing the Flame Sensor

The flame sensor is a safety feature found on all modern furnaces that have an electronic igniter instead of a pilot light. Its function is to prevent gas from flowing should the furnace fail to light. If the sensor is dirty or malfunctioning, the furnace will usually shut off within a few seconds of the burners lighting.

Inspecting the Heat Exchanger and Exhaust Flue

Another key maintenance task is inspecting the heat exchanger to make sure the exhaust flue is properly venting combustion fumes outside the home. This is ideal for ensuring that carbon monoxide doesn’t start leaking out of the furnace and into your home.

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