Will Opening My Windows at Night Save Me Money?

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With the hot summer heat comes skyrocketing energy bills. Most homeowners are always looking for ways they can help to reduce their energy bills during the summer months. One frequently suggested method for lowering energy bills is to turn off your air conditioner and open your windows during the overnight hours.

The Logic Behind This Method

At first glance, this method may seem very logical. You get to turn off your air conditioning system so that you’re not paying to run it in the overnight hours. Additionally, you get to open your windows to let the cool night air in to keep you and your family comfortable while you sleep. However, there’s more to it.

Taking Humidity Into Account

Many people forget to take humidity into account when it comes to determining whether or not this method works. In the summer months, humidity levels tend to be very high. Your air conditioning system naturally takes care of removing excess humidity from the air inside of your home while it’s running. When you opt for shutting your air conditioner off and opening your windows, you’re allowing that humidity to seep into your home.

How Humidity Affects Your Body

We’ve all experienced the phenomena of being overly hot and our bodies sweating to help cool us down. In order for this to work, the sweat that develops on our skin needs to be evaporated into the air. Unfortunately, when humidity levels are too high, not all of our sweat can evaporate into the air. This can leave us feeling overly sticky, clammy, and hot.

Not only will keeping your windows open at night make it more uncomfortable due to the high humidity, but it will also make your air conditioning system work twice as hard the next morning to try to remove that excess humidity. You’re better off simply keeping your windows closed during overnight hours and relying on your air conditioning system. This will keep your home at a comfortable temperature for your family and will prevent your air conditioning system from having to remove high amounts of humidity inside of your home.

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